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What is Confemetal

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Welcome to Confemetal's Information Web: The Spanish Confederation of Metal Sector

Confemetal is the National Employers' Organization of Metal Sector in Spain. It is integrated both by provincial metal federations all over the country and by sector member federations, covering a broad range of metal activities (both industry and commerce): from sectors like iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, metallurgy and metalworking, industrial equipments and machinery, machinery-tools, computers, electric and electronics, shipbuilding, air-conditioning and heating equipments, white goods, auxiliary car industry, ... to smaller sectors like jewelry, cutlery or beds.

Considering all member federations under CONFEMETAL we can be talking about 100.000 companies employing some 1 million workers.

Confemetal is the single voice of Metal Sector employers’ and acts representing the common interests of the sector in national multi-sector employer’s organisations:

  • CEOE: Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organisations
  • CEPYME: Spanish Confederation of the Small and Medium- sized companies

It is also member of the following European organisation at sector level:

  • CEEMET: Council of European Employers of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-Based Industries.

Confemetal also represents the interests of the Spanish metal sector’ companies vis-à-vis public administrations and trade unions.


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