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ORGALIME: Disappointing outcome on Energy Labelling vote by European Parliament ITRE Committee

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ORGALIME (14/06/2016). Following the vote this morning (14/6) by the European Parliament's ITRE Committee on the Energy Labelling framework, Orgalime's Director General, Adrian Harris had this to say:

“We don’t believe in databases as the basis and as a substitute for market surveillance. They don’t work because those who want to cheat do not register correctly or do not register at all. We believe in market surveillance on the ground. This is what produces results. As disappointing as this vote is, we call on Member States and the European Commission to make every effort to ensure that any database does not turn into a ticket for free riders or unfair competition. We feel this is a core issue that needs to be resolved before the legislation is finally adopted. Otherwise it will just be another cost element which does nothing to help the competitiveness of our companies.”


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